Spade Bits Vs Hole Saws

Spade Bits Vs Hole Saws

Spade Bits Vs Hole Saws


Spade bits are a convenient and cheaper alternative to a hole saw but they do have their drawbacks. The spade can simply be inserted into any standard ½” chuck drill without the need for an arbour or any other form of attachment. SDS / Hex ended bits are also available for anyone wanting to use an SDS drill. The down side is that these drill bits are suitable holes up to 38mm but they aren’t available in the larger sizes that hole saws cover.


A spade bit will bore a hole much quicker than a hole saw, but the other drawback is that they aren’t as neat. Splintering can occur as the spade completes its cut through to the other side of the wood. A helpful tip is to clamp a scrap piece of material to the other side of the timber you are cutting. This will help prevent the splintering effect.


Hole saws are the perfect choice for a more precisely cut hole. They generally cover all the sizes available in the spade range but cover a much wider array of sizes up to 115mm. An arbour is required for these bits to be screwed onto which also provides a pilot drill / locating bit for ease of use. For this reason, the Hole saw is not generally considered for jobs that require partial hole cutting.

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