5 Tips For Flat Pack Furniture Assembly

5 Tips For Flat Pack Furniture Assembly
  1. Remove all the fixings and tools from the relevant packets and match the quantities and sizes to those listed in the instructions. If for whatever reason you have misplaced any of the fixings, you can find them here http://essexhome.co.uk/furniture-fixings


  1. Allow more time than the instructions give you. Things go wrong and having the added stress of limited time can easily make things go from bad to worse.


  1. Put down a dust sheet or blanket. Flat Packed furniture may look clean but in reality the pieces come straight off the production line and put straight in the box you are now unpacking. Often your furniture will be dusty and contain wood chippings.


  1. Get the right amount for people for the job. There is no point struggling to put up your baby’s new cot on your own when it clearly states two people are needed for the job.


  1. Just as important as the last point is SPACE. Having room to work is essential so we suggest you remove any no essential items from the work area .

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